Journey to China


A non-stop multimedia dance performance with videos and trail sections.
Olivia will lead you to have a briefly but joyful travel in China through its wonderful Art - Dance.
Idea and organized by Olivia Kwong;
Live flute by Sandro Cerino.

Journey to China has been already performed successfully in several events in Italy:“The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2009” in Cesano Boscone, Milan; “Cultural Program 2007” in College of Milan…...etc.

The show will be included:
-  Live performance of Chinese dance techniques, Shen Yun and 4 different ....tribes of Chinese Folk dance;
-  Several videos of remarkable Chinese dance pieces;
-  Most of all, there will be some trail sections for those audiences to try
....the props on stage (such as – water sleeves, short-tassel sword,

It is a wonderful occasion to know more about the culture of China through this interactive dance performance~


Duration:        1 hour
Performers:     Olivia Kwong & her Props and Videos;
......................Sandro Cerino & his Flute