Chinese Dance Knowledge

China, can be say is the most ancient country which has over 5000 years history, also the story of her traditional dance. In Chinese Dance, converge virtually almost all the Chinese arts together (kung fu, taichi, acrobatics, Chinese opera, drama... etc), which is a quite complex performing art with particular gestures and movements.
Nowadays, a professional Chinese Dancer must learn the following 4 main categories:

Traditional Technique (Chinese Classical Dance Technique)
Similar to classical ballet, but with many movements and positions of feet and hands that are absolutely unique and typical in Chinese dance.

Technical Skill
Included all the special acrobatics techniques & movements of Chinese dance (jumps, turns, somersaults... etc).

Shen Yun
Shen (body) refers to the way of the body;
Yun (rythmn) eurhythmics.
Focuses on the motives of Chinese dance: combining breathing with movement; synchronized with the movements of the eyes during the dance...
Water sleeves and swords are the props that are used in the Shen Yun.

Folk dance
There are over 56 different tribes in Chinese folk dance, each with their own style, costumes, movements and props. You will know the reasons that explain why certain gestures, movements and postures related to the tradition and the daily life of various tribes.
The most well-known tribes are:
Han, Tibetian, Mongolian, Xin Jiang (Uygur), Miao, Chao Xian (Korean)...

In Chinese Dance, we must not only focus on the flexibility and body techniques (outside), but we must also learn to dance with aroma and with our heart (inside), and this is the true spirit of Dance.

(Written by: Olivia Kwong)