Beijing Dance Academy
Chinese Dance Graded Examination Courses

The Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Graded Examination (Beijing Examination) is based on the syllabus of the Beijing Examination. It was edited by Professor Sun Guangyan of the Beijing Dance Academy. It is the first series of syllabus on Chinese Dance for pre-school and elementary school children and youth dancers for the purpose of popularizing Chinese dance art.
It includes basic training for Chinese dance, flexibility and coordination of body, flexibility of joints, rhythm and choreography.
Olivia is one of the qualified teacher of this Graded Exam.

The Syllabus is divided into 13 grades as follows:

Grade 1 for ages 4 to 6
Grade 2 for ages 5 to 7
Grade 3 for ages 6 to 8
Grade 4 for ages 7 to 9
Grade 5 for ages 8 to 10
Grade 6 for ages 9 to 11
Grade 7 for ages 10 to 12
Grade 8 for ages 11 to 13
Grade 9 for ages 12 to 14
Grade 10 for ages 13 to 15
Grade 11 for ages 14 to 16
Grade 12 for ages 15 to 17
Grade 13 for ages 16 to 18

The contents of the Syllabus include:

1. Chinese Classical Dance - basic training and body rhythm
2. Chinese Folk Dances - Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uyger,
... Korean, Dai, Miao and Yi dances
3. Technical Skills - somersaults and acrobatics
4. Training on dance rhythm awareness
5. Music and song accompaniments